Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Human Resources plays a vital role in increasing profits, customer retention and business growth. To minimise chances of loses, team members should have a clear skill set for the tasks at hand, a good attitude, team skills, a clear understanding of company policy, good customer skills and a sense of ownership of the business. How is this achievable? Simple! Through training by trainers who have your business at heart.

Your integrity is of paramount importance to us, we offer you BQA accredited courses.

System Training & Internal Audit Training

At PolyNew we offer training consultation services and conduct an extensive training need analysis on your behalf. Using our collaborative approach, we work with you and/or your staff in a coaching and advisory role for all your learning and development needs. We offer learning and development programs that are designed to meet the needs of your organization, staff, project managers and line managers. Our training solutions facilitate in-depth knowledge sharing and interaction to enhance your skills and inspire your business talent.

Mentorship Services

Our Start-up Business Mentoring Programme provides an accelerated mentoring platform for people who have a new business idea or are looking for help in starting a new business.

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